Funiculaire de St Hilaire du Touvet

For over 80 years, the funicular of St Hilaire du Touvet has taken visitors from the station Monfort to the center of the village. The Funicular of Saint Hilaire du Touvet is one the oldest railways in the French Alps. It offers an unusual walk along the steep slopes of Chartreuse (the highest in Europe) leading to an exceptional view over numerous peaks like the Mont Blanc or the Vercors. The funicular of St Hilaire du Touvet was built in 1924 to serve the settlements of the Etablissements de Cure du Plateau des Petites Roches. It helped to transport the equipment needed for its construction. The funicular is travelling at a speed of 7 feet per second, a 20-minute trip. It's a truly "historical" journey that reveals the Alpine railway heritage. Since 2010, the lab of Icare (geographic museum of the funicular in Saint Hilaire du Touvet) propose to the visitors a educational discovery at the top of the funicular. The subjects are about air, flying and gravity.

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