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Welcome to Venosc-Vénéon


In Vénéon VALLEY, fauna, flora, waterfalls, mountain lakes, peaks prestigious you an unforgettable memories ... A multitude of activities available to you in the valley: hiking with a donkey or via ferrata, white water sports, climbing, paragliding, fishing, climbing, summer skiing, swimming ...

VENOSC: a craft village in the heart of the Oisans wild! Come discover the mountain and festive atmosphere of this village nestled in the mountains ... a typical mountain village just 8 minutes from the station DEUX ALPES by gondola Venosc ... Seduced by an authentic and rustic, many artists and craftspeople have settled in the heart of old town pedestrian.

Venosc has since the village's most important department of the Isere to gather in one place as many shops of character (vaulted, beamed old) and craftsmen also different.

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chateau-de-la-muzelle venosc

Château de la Muzelle

  • Venosc
  • 04 76 80 06 71
hotel-la-belle-etoile les-2-alpes

Hôtel la Belle Etoile

  • Les 2 alpes
  • 04 76 80 51 19
hotel-les-melezes les-2-alpes

Hôtel les Mélèzes

  • Les 2 alpes
  • 04 76 80 50 50
chalet-annapurna les-2-alpes

Chalet Annapurna

  • Les 2 alpes
  • 04 7 6 79 2 1 14

Discover the city of Oz en Oisans


Oz en Oisans is divided into 10 hamlets and a station that lies roughly between 800 m and 1350 m altitude in the valley of the Eau d'Olle. Today, Oz also welcomes tourists in winter and for ten years, the resort of Oz at 1350m above sea level is an integral part of the ski area of Grandes Rousses / Alpe d'Huez. Oz has developed a soft tourism, current, providing a quality home and preserve its natural heritage.

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le-splendid allevard

Le Splendid

  • Allevard
  • 05 55 84 34 48
residence-de-tourisme-les-silenes allevard

Résidence de Tourisme les Silènes

  • Allevard
  • 04 76 45 81 88
auberge-au-pas-de-l-alpette chapareillan

Auberge Au Pas de l'Alpette

  • Chapareillan
  • 04 76 45 22 65
chateau-de-la-tour-du-puits coise-saint-jean-pied-gauthier

Château de la Tour du Puits

  • Coise-saint-jean-pied-gauthier
  • 04 79 28 88 00

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