La Maison du Soleil

Unique in France!

This scientific centre is dedicated to the observation of the Sun and the understanding of its relationship with our environment.

Saint-Véran at 2040 m, the country where the rooster pecks at the stars! The commune of Saint-Véran, which has had an observatory at an altitude of 2936 m since 1974, is renowned for its exceptionally pure sky.

The Maison du Soleil, at the foot of the snow front, in the village, allows you to observe the activity of our star with high-performance equipment.

The Sun is our life on earth: the life of plants and animals, the water cycle, the evolution of climates, health...

Thanks to the partnership with the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie, Médiachimie and the Observatoire de Paris, manyinterventions and experiments are carried out, allowing the wide dissemination of scientific culture. The aim is to attract young people to scientific careers by showing that in a small mountain town, science (chemistry) is creative.

The themes developed evolve according to current events and the public, in close connection with the innovative ideas of Médiachimie and the Foundation's conferences.

A museum and an entertainment centre, this MAGICAL place allows you to discover the Sun from many angles through thematic guided tours or "discovery" workshops with the use of scientific apparatus, some of which are unique in France!

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