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Guillestre is the crossroads and the point of appointment of all the communes of Guillestrois, Queyras and the stations of winter and summer of Vars and Risoul.

Take a deep breath, take a long look... in Guillestre


Geology, plants and animals, history, traditions, architecture, culture and the natural beauty of our landscapes are recognized around the world.

The Pays du Guillestrois, and the entire Hautes-Alpes department, is one of the largest nature preserves in the geographic triangle delimited by Lyon, Torino and Marseille...

The altitude of this area ranges from 858 m above sea level in the bed of the Durance River to 3,385 m at the Pic de la Font Sancte. From the valleys to the mountain peaks, you will discover breathtaking landscapes and a wide variety of plants and wild animals.

The geographic location of the Pays du Guillestrois makes it a perfect base for you to take day trips to other areas in the north of the Hautes-Alpes.

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Visit the villages of the Pays du Guillestrois


The villages of the Pays du Guillestrois are all easily accessible : they are located at different levels of the valley, along the Durance River, as well as on either side of it.

No matter where you start from, you can set out and discover the unique attractions of the Pays du Guillestrois.

  • The Réotier Petrified Fountain with its strange concretions.
  • The synclinal fold in Saint-Clément-sur-Durance: a unique geological formation.
  • The Plan de Phazy hot springs.
  • Unique at this latitude in Europe : The forest of Juniperus thurifera in Saint-Crépin.
  • The Eygliers recreation park. 
  • Mountains and nature in the Pays du Guillestrois.

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Discover the remarkable places in the Pays of Guillestrois


Come to discover the remarkable places in the Pays of Guillestrois

  • The fortified town of Mont-Dauphin, built by Vauban starting in 1693.
  • Guillestre : an old fortified town with many vestiges.
  • The Queyras Regional Natural Park includes two towns of the Pays du Guillestrois, Eygliers and Guillestre.
  • The Ecrins National Park includes two towns of the Pays du Guillestrois, St-Clément sur Durance and Réotier.

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Best cvacations in the Pays du Guillestrois


The Pays du Guillestrois offers an infinite number of activities all year round under a sky where Mediterranean and Alpine influences meet for a climate that is unique in Europe ...

Far from sources of pollution and stress, whether you’re an athlete, curious to discover new things, or just like lazing around – or even all of these - you will find activities to make your vacations delightful in all seasons ...

  • The Pays du Guillestrois :

A hiker’s paradise.

From the valley of the Durance to the highest peaks, the mountains of the Pays du Guillestrois offer a wide choice of hikes.

From family walks to athletic hikes, 20 circuits let you discover varied and well-preserved natural landscapes.

  • The hiking guide “A pied dans le Guillestrois” is on sale at the Tourist Office.
  • Hundreds of kilometers of marked and well-maintained trails.
  • Mountain biking: try out 24 mountain biking circuits, approved by the FFC , covering more than 400 km of marked trails, from easy GREEN to very difficult BLACK, as well as BLUE and RED in between.
  • For your confort, the Pays du Guillestrois has a number of locations where you can wash your mountain bikes.

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Water the treasure of the Pays du Guillestrois.


The Pays du Guillestrois, which is crossed by the Guil and Durance Rivers, also has many streams and lakes where vacationers can practice a number of water sports.

White water sports : rafting, canoeing, kayaking and hydro speed for practitioners of all levels.

The white water facilities at Saint Clément sur Durance allow beginners and experienced practitioners to practice white water sports safely on the Durance River.

For family vacations, the calm beach on the Eygliers lake is a perfect place for still water recreational activities.
And there are also many 1st category lakes throughout the mountains of the Pays du Guillestrois that will delight fishermen.

Fishing, on rivers, streams or lakes (trout, pike, carp and more).

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