Risoul in winter

DepartureRISOUL (05)
DetailsAt 1850 m in altitude, the resort is nestled within a larch forest,its wood and stone clad cottages and residences give it the aspect of a mountain village that has lived through time and seasons.

The village


In the morning, you'll go skiing Discovery of the site and its beautiful landscapes on a local helicopter. "Warm wine" welcoming drink

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In the morning, you will applaud the jumping demonstrations, parallel slaloms, ski retrospectives in period costumes, by the French ski instructors. In the afternoon you will try a "streaming" descent on frozen torrents.

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Ski day


In the morning, alpine skiing on the "Domaine de la Forêt Blanche". In the evening you will assist to the torch descents.

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Climbing on frozen cascades


In the morning, snowshoe outing In the afternoon you will climb one of the numerous ice cascades situated in the valley.

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Mix and fly contest


In the morning, skiing. In the evening, assist/participate to the Mix and Fly Contest, a show/demonstration of snowboard jumps and freestyle ski, associated with a musical performance, in which all riders can participate.

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Discover risoul on snow scooter


In the morning you will attend the realization of a giant sculpture on snow. In the evening, you will discover Risoul in an original way on snow-scooter by taking the circuit that overhangs the ski resort, beginning at sunset.

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A caleche drive


In the morning you'll discover the station on a caleche. In the afternoon, you will assist in the processions on the principal streets of Risoul all the while doing shopping.

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