Océanopolis is located in Brest, in Brittany. Not far from the marina Moulin Blanc. Its a center of scientific culture that brings together a large part of European research on the theme of the sea Océanopolis has about 50 tanks, ranging from 50 liters for the smallest to the sharks, which is more than one million gallons of water!

A visit to this center is interactive and punctuated by a large number of supporting, whether in the form of video boards, or interactive terminals. This allows visitors to understand the biology of species, ecosystems but also the protection of aquatic environments. Four pavilions are available to visitors. The first is about the tropical marine diversity, living in environments where the water temperature is always at least 20 ° C. There are corals, sharks and a whole bunch of colored bodies.

The second is featuring species living in the Antarctic and the Arctic through panoramic images of the ice or a meeting with penguins. The third building is the tempered water where you can find a lot of information on marine fauna and flora of Britain as well as marine phenomena such as tides, waves, etc.. It is also an opportunity to attend the dinner seals. The last pavilion it's for temporary exhibitions of Océanopolis.

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