Château de Kergroadez

Built during the reign of Henry IV (1602-1613) by Francis Kergroadès, Castle Kergroadez is a Renaissance jewel located on the northwest tip of Finistère. Stripped during the French Revolution, the building has regained its superb thanks to renovation work since one century.

Inspired Kerjean Castle, Castle Kergroadez is installed in the heart of a quiet park of 22 hectares. Flanked by towers with loopholes at all 4 corners, the bâitiment retains its defensive character. The facade is pierced by many window stone cross, surmounted by dormer windows of richly carved.

Historical monument, the castle Kergroadez is widely open to the public. Throughout the year, the site offers plenty of entertainment and a special visit (costume) for children 5 to 10 years.

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