The ponant islands

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The Islands of Ponant are a group of fifteen French islands located in the Channel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Chausey archipelago


Chausey is an archipelago located offshore the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, 17 km offshore Granville. The magnificent natural landscape is a listed and protected site.

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Bréhat island


Brehat is a French island located in the Côtes-d'Armor department in the north of the Arcouest headland in Brittany.

Things to see:

  • The 'Port-Clos'
  • The Paon light house
  • Saint-Michel chapel
  • Saint-Michel cross
  • The semaphor
  • Maudez cross
  • Keranroux chapel
  • Birlot mill
  • 'La croix' light house
  • Rosédo light house
  • Crec'h Tarec mill
  • The 'citadelle'
  • Héaux de Bréhat light house

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Batz island


Batz island is a French island located in the north of the Finistere department in the region of Brittany.

Things to see :

  • The light house 
  • The semaphor
  • Lannou chapel
  • The village and Porz Kernog
  • The Vil and Porz an Eog
  • The 'Trou du serpent'
  • The 'Roc'h'
  • The 'Côte Sauvage' or natural coast
  • The beaches of Porz Leien and Kefenn
  • The beach of Grève Blanche

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Ushant island


Ushant island is a commune located in the Finistere department in the Brittany region.

Things to see:

  • Créac'h light house
  • Stiff light house
  • Nividic light house
  • The 'Niou-Huella' ecomuseum
  • The 'musée des phares et balises' a light house museum located at Phare de Créac'h

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Molène island


Molene is a French island located in the Iroise Sea offshore the Finistere west coast in Brittany.

Things to see:

  • Saint-Ronan church
  • Semaphor
  • The archeological search site
  • The Goemon oven

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Sein island


The Sein island is a French island located in the Atlantic Ocean offshore Breton peninsula.

Things to see:

  • The village
  • The museum 'L'Abri du Marin'
  • The museum 'Station de Sauvetage en Mer'
  • Saint Corentin Chapel

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Glénan archipelago


The archipelago of Glenan is a archipelago in Brittany located at the south of Fouesnant in the Finistere department.

The archipelago is an important tourist site in Brittany and is enjoyed by many visitors thanks to the richness of its virgin wilderness.

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