Tourism Ouessant Island Sentinel

Ushant, we think we know before the discover ... As Mont Blanc or Mont Saint Michel is a land of geography ... nose of Britain and Europe, known to all sailors, mediated by cinema, television and many newspapers is a name now familier.Mais is a name that speaks as strongly: the reefs that surround the tidal currents like the Fromveur, one of the most powerful in Europe, winter storms have fueled stories giving the frisson.Pourtant since millennia of migratory birds stop here to gather strength, sheep ruminate quietly to their lives and sheep especially people who live there do not leave for nothing in Ouessant is monde.Car a haven of paix.Le sky, sea, land we compete to offer color contrasts incomparables.Au corner of a small dry stone wall behind which shelter the sheep, between two hamlets at the preserved architecture,open landscapes of great diversity: coral cliffs and wild and spectacular, sandy beaches with turquoise blue sea, moors and heather in bloom brilliantly colored ...

The Ponant Islands

The Islands of Ponant are a group of fifteen French islands located in the Channel in the Atlantic Ocean.

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