La Place Stanislas

Built by Louis XV for his step-father, the Duke of Lorraine, Stanislas Square is one of the finest Rococo architectural in France. World Heritage Site by Unesco, this place is considered as the true heart of Nancy, where everyone ends up. On summer evenings, the place is crowded on the occasion of the splendid illuminations and spectacles "sound and light". In December, she is adorned with Christmas decorations and hosts the parade of Saint Nicolas and its fireworks. Leaving the Place Stanislas, two routes are available to you and allow you to discover the different facets of Nancy: - If you want to wander in the Park Nursery, discover the Old City and wander through its winding streets, restaurants, boutiques and sidewalk, turn right and walk along the Opéra National de Lorraine. The beautiful Park Nursery, also designed by Stanislaus, in the heart of Nancy, offers himself entirely to you. - If however if you abandon the nursery, continue your way by starting from the right, pass under the Arc Héré with its gilded statues, then you have finally arrived at Quarry Place, the entrance to the Old City, where there is the Basilica of St. Epvre with its magnificent stained glass windows, the museum and Lorraine graffe door.

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