Chartreuse de Bosserville

The Charterhouse of Bosserville was built in 1666 on the right bank of the Meurthe, in the south of the city of Nancy, currently in the region of Lorraine. Duke Charles IV was given the land of Bosserville that year and began construction of this monument, in a classic style. This building could be a model of chartreuse, as its construction seems perfect, with its cloister square around which are located 24 cells.

A cell is kept as is and can be visited, so it is possible to account for the particularity of the life of the Carthusians. The Charterhouse of Bosserville was listed as historic monuments in 1798. She has no Carthusian in it since 1901. From 1962, its premises were built to house a vocational school and technical high school in Saint Michel Bosserville.

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