Monuments in Lorraine

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Monuments en Lorraine

eglise-saint-joseph amneville

Eglise Saint-Joseph

The Church of Saint-Joseph is an recent construction of this century.


eglise-abbatiale-sainte-croix bouzonville

Eglise abbatiale Sainte-Croix

Benedictine abbey which was founded in 1033 on a pilgrimage older. She now serves as a parish church.


chateau-de-montaigu laneuveville-devant-nancy

Château de Montaigu

In the late eighteenth century, Bon Prevost, RG Farms Lorraine, built a villa on a hillside. When the Marquis ...


chartreuse-de-bosserville art-sur-meurthe

Chartreuse de Bosserville

The Charterhouse of Bosserville was built in 1666 on the right bank of the Meurthe, in the south of the city ...


chateau-des-ducs-de-bar bar-le-duc

Château des Ducs de Bar

The castle of the Dukes of Bar is a castle located in Bar-le-Duc (Meuse) and overlooking the valley and the ...


abbaye-saint-paul verdun

Abbaye Saint-Paul

Abbey Premonstratensian Verdun, also known as the Abbey of Saint-Paul, is a vast building of the seventeenth ...


chateau-de-hombourg-budange hombourg-budange

Château de Hombourg-Budange

Homburg Castle is a castle in France in the village of Homburg Budange-Moselle, in the valley of the canner. ...


chapelle-des-templiers metz

Chapelle des Templiers

According to tradition, the Templars settled in this city free of the Holy Roman Empire from 1133. It was not ...

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abbaye-de-moyenmoutier moyenmoutier

Abbaye de Moyenmoutier

Abbey Moyenmoutier stands on land in the hollow of the Vosges Mountains, which were chosen by Archbishop Saint ...


basilique-saint-maurice-d-epinal epinal

Basilique Saint-Maurice d'Epinal

Built between XIth and XIIIth centuries, the basilica was dedicated by pope Léon IX in 1051. In Gothic ...


haras-national-de-rosieres-aux-salines rosieres-aux-salines

Haras national de Rosières-aux-Salines

In 1767, Colbert and the Marquis of Galaizière created on land that used to be royal salt, the former stables ...


cite-medievale-fortifiee-de-liverdun liverdun

Cité médiévale fortifiée de Liverdun

The medieval city of Liverdun is a fortified city. Located in Moselle, the linker was a summer residence for ...


ecovillage ville-sur-yron


The eco-village of Ville-sur-Yron represents an opportunity to visit a typical rural town of Lorraine. The aim ...


mine-musee-du-val-de-fer neuves-maisons

Mine Musée du Val de Fer

The mine museum Iron Val was born of a municipal project to keep the memory of mining in the valley. Since ...


la-place-stanislas nancy

La Place Stanislas

Built by Louis XV for his step-father, the Duke of Lorraine, Stanislas Square is one of the finest Rococo ...

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