Abbaye de Moyenmoutier

Abbey Moyenmoutier stands on land in the hollow of the Vosges Mountains, which were chosen by Archbishop Saint Hydulphe to begin a life of a hermit. First he created a small monastery, but was quickly joined by other monks, so he was led to create the Abbey.

In history, many people were placed at the head of the Abbey. Abbey enjoyed periods of great reputations that followed each of the periods of decline. This is the eighteenth century, under the direction of Dom Hyacinthe Alliot Moyenmoutier that Abbey had more recognition, becoming an academy of science with a large library with no less than 1100 books.

Today, the monument is very impressive, including its structure. Indeed, the Abbey has no pillars and the whole construction is based on the frame. Its interior is equally impressive, including the presence of carved stalls dating from the seventeenth century.

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