Château des Ducs de Bar

The castle of the Dukes of Bar is a castle located in Bar-le-Duc (Meuse) and overlooking the valley and the city Ornain low. It is subject to registration as a historic monument. In the tenth century, Frederick, Duke of Upper Lorraine decides to build a fortress to protect his land. He chose a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley omain, flanked by two ravines and opening onto a plate (the current upper town of Bar le Duc).

In the twelfth century, the dukes of Bar Bar decide to settle rather than Monsoon. They carry out work on the castle. The spur is enclosed by a double enclosure that houses besides the castle, a college and various buildings. It houses a garrison, an arsenal and all power to sustain a siege. In the fifteenth century, the castle became a residence and embellished richly furnished. Duke René II (1473-1528) contributed greatly to the embellishment. A reception hall, the Grand Hall, is built on the north-east side and the first line of defense of the castle becomes an Italian garden. But from the seventeenth century, the Dukes of Bar and Lorraine abandoning Bar-le-Duc and the castle is somewhat neglected.

In 1649 it was ravaged by fire. Repeatedly occupied by the French royal troops, it is destroyed on the orders of Louis XIV and who wants to punish the anti-French policies of Charles IV of Lorraine. Only the clock tower, because of its usefulness for the people is preserved in part. At the revolution, the collegiate St. Maxe is destroyed. Ducal castle, there are only the building that housed the Ducal Court of Auditors. This building dates back to Rene II had it built to house the treasure Charters. In 1523, a courtroom was added by the Duke Anthony, Charles III made complete by a central body and two wings.

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