Château de Kintzheim

From the castle, watching the surrounding landscape, the visitors will easily understand the choice of this summit cone (703 m), slightly detached from the sandstone massif of Altenberg, for the construction of Frankenbourg. The confluence of two valleys (Val d'Argent and the Val de Ville), shortly before they led together on the plains of central Alsace, the natural viewpoint could control the ancient Salt Road, the silver ores and the the vineyard. There is also view on Sélestat the Ortenberg Ungersberg, the massif of the Champ du Feu ... The construction of the castle, by the Counts of Frankenbourg, probably goes back to the early twelfth century.

In 1196, family-Werd Frankenbourg acquires the function of the Landgrave of Lower Alsace, so there were representing the Emperor for this region, has today is the Lower Rhine. Moreover, the Arms of the Lower Rhine department are still those of the lords of Frankenbourg-Werd. The family declined rapidly and the stronghold of Frankenbourg passes to the bishopric of Strasbourg that hires from 1393 to various families: The Lützelsheim, the Uttenheim zum Ramstein, the Bock, the Hohenstein. From 1489 to 1789, the Grand Chapter was the only one to administers the castle and the Count Ban (right bank of the villages of Giessen). Still inhabited during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), the castle has gradually shifted from the seventeenth century. It last historical mention was in 1634.

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