Château de Peyrepertuse

Peyrepertuse Castle sits on a cliff almost 40 meters high. Located in the department of Aude Cathar castle vraissemblablement has been created around the year 800.

He later became a fortress. This castle is reputed to be one of the most beautiful example of military architecture in the region. The access is by a small path that begins at the foot of the cliff. After this little promenande, visitors enter the building at last.

The latter is composed of several parts. In the lower chamber, the most spectacular are the walls and towers very impressive. Visitors will find the presence of a walkway, but also latrines that have been preserved!

The next part is the old dungeon. In addition to the presence of a Romanesque church and a house, is a tower that seems to be the oldest castle.

Then in the third part, the middle chamber, we can see the slots to use firearms. The ruins testify to the presence of a guard post.

The final part of the castle is the donjon San Jordi. It is accessible through a very long staircase built into the rock. Here visitors can see the remains of a chapel.

Due to its location on top of a cliff, the castle offers visitors a magnificent view of the surroundings. Another of its strengths is an annual show of falconry during the summer to the delight of all.

Photo credit: City Council Duilhac

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