Monuments in Aude

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List of monuments in Aude

chateau-d-arques arques

Château d’Arques

The territory of Arch and its valley were ...
  • City : Arques
gouffre-de-cabrespine cabrespine

Gouffre de Cabrespine

Located 25 km from Carcassonne, it is in the ...
  • City : Cabrespine
cathedrale-saint-michel carcassonne

Cathédrale Saint-Michel

Cathedral Saint-Michel de Carcassonne, the ...
  • City : Carcassonne
chateau-et-remparts-de-carcassonne carcassonne

Château et Remparts de Carcassonne

The medieval city of Carcassonne is one of ...
  • City : Carcassonne
basilique-saint-nazaire carcassonne

Basilique Saint-Nazaire

Basilic of Saint-Nazaire is a remarkable ...
  • City : Carcassonne
l-abbaye-de-caunes-minervois caunes-minervois

L'abbaye de Caunes Minervois

Built in 780 on an old area Gallo-Roman, the ...
  • City : Caunes-minervois
chateau-de-queribus cucugnan

Château de Quéribus

Quéribus Castle, dating from the 11th ...
  • City : Cucugnan
chateau-de-peyrepertuse duilhac-sous-peyrepertuse

Château de Peyrepertuse

Peyrepertuse Castle sits on a cliff almost 40 ...
  • City : Duilhac-sous-peyrepertuse
chateau-de-durban-corbieres durban-corbieres

Château de Durban-Corbières

Castle of Durban-Corbières date of ...
  • City : Durban-corbieres
chateau-de-puilaurens puilaurens

Château de Puilaurens

The Chateau de Puilaurens is located on the ...
  • City : Puilaurens
abbaye-benedictine-de-saint-papoul saint-papoul

Abbaye bénédictine de Saint-Papoul

Discover between Toulouse and Carcassonne, ...
  • City : Saint-papoul

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