Abbaye de Cluny

The Abbey of Cluny, located in Bourgogne in the department of Saône-et-Loire, was founded in 909 by the Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Auvergne Guillaume I. At the time his role was to host a dozen Benedictine monks.

The Abbey helped many monasteries to reform themself. It's for that reason that in XIIe century, the abbey was leading throughout the Western Europe a network of more than a thousand monasteries and ten thousand monks. During the French Revolution, the abbey was dismantled and its now belongs to the state.

Today we can see the remains that testify its former glory. The visit is also including a film in 3D, very playful and to discover this historical site in another light. The abbey is now considered one of the greatest symbols of monastic revival in Occident.

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