Espace muséographique de la Maison du Charolais

The museographic space of the House of the Charolais welcomes his(her) visitors for an original and interactive visit, through several rooms to make discover the meat and the breeding of the Charolais. The visit continues by a tasting of Charolais meat which will be livened up(led) by a mediator of the museum.

The tour is divided into three separate rooms, where visitors learn how to discover the different cuts of meat.

He will start to meet farmers who share their passion. In each room, interactive elements are present, such as a 3D movie taking visitors into the market Charolais Saint Christophe-en-Brionnais, which is one of the largest in France.

Outside the building that houses the museum, it is possible to contemplate 13 performances of Charolais cows resin, made and decorated by artists. It is possible to buy local produce or crafts in the museum shop, but to walk on the path of farmland to explore lime kilns, during a walk of 6km.

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