Abbaye Saint-Martin du Canigou

Built in the tenth century by Wilfred II, the Saint-Martin du Canigou is located in the heart of the Canigou massif, on the heights of Casteil at 1094 meters altitude.

After the death of Count Wilfred II in 1049, the abbey began to sag. It is attached to the abbey of Lagrasse in Aude in the twelfth century. An earthquake in 1428 seriously undermines the monastery many buildings are destroyed. But the church resists.

In 1506, the building was placed under the commendation. It is secular in 1782 by Louis XVI. When Terror (late eighteenth century), the abbey was sacked. It was not until the early twentieth century to see the monument back to life. The Bishop of Perpignan in 1902 began the reconstruction of the monastery. Between 1952 and 1983, Dom Bernard de Chabannes continue the restoration of the building and it reinstates the spiritual life.

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