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DepartureCASTEIL (66)

 Discover the village of Casteil these and many tourist places at the foot of Canigou.

Découverte du CANIGOU

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The village is the starting point for many tourist attractions including the Abbey Saint Martin du Canigou, the Gorges du Cady tower and Goa ...

To visit

  • The Abbey of Saint-Martin du Canigou (architectural masterpiece of the eleventh century)
  • Parish church of St. Martin
  • Saint-Martin-le-Vieux Church
  • Animal Park Casteil
  • Large caves Canalettes Villefranche conflent
  • Villefranche de Confluent fortified town
  • Yellow Train
  • Refuge Mariailles
  • The Canigou, peaking at 2784.66 meters and accesible partly 4x4 car or taxi. A hike from 7am to 8am is also available.


Accommodation nearby

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Camping Bellevue

  • Ria-sirach
  • 04 68 96 48 96
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Mas Flores de Llum

  • Los masos
  • 07 69 40 36 93
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La Boulzane

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  • 04 68 20 95 29

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