Le Pont du Diable

The Devil's Bridge, formerly the Black Chasm Bridge, is located in the department of Herault in the Languedoc-Rousillon.

This bridge is a symbol of Romanesque architecture. He is also the oldest bridge in medieval times in France. The construction of this monument had to be very difficult considering the time when she had to take place around 1040. The bridge still crossed centuries resisting flood since quasiement thousand years.

According to legend, the Devil prevented the construction of the bridge every night, destroying what had been done on the day. He reached an agreement calling for the first soul that happen on the bridge. But the monks sought to thwart these evil plans by sending a dog that had a kitchen utensil attached to the tail. This put the devil in anger, which eventually fell and disappeared in the Herault attempting to destroy the bridge.

The Devil's Bridge is World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This place is a must if one wishes to have a magnificent view of the gorges of the Herault. The beaches are nearby and can swim.

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