Abbaye de Gellone

The Abbey of Saint-Sauveur is located in the department of Herault in Languedoc-Rousillon. It was founded in 804 and rebuilt in the 11th century.

This building is a fine example of Romanesque architecture style of Languedoc. Many people doing the Camino de Santiago stopped there, which has not avoided suffer inconvenience due to religious wars.

Abandoned and stripped, it was in 1940 that it will begin to be managed by the Historic Monuments. It is then that a major restoration in 1960 to restore its original appearance. Currently, the abbey was again thanks to a religious community of Carmel of St. Joseph.

Since 1998 this magnificent abbey is world heritage of mankind as an important element of chemons de Compostela in France.

Photo credit: © OT SGVH

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