Tourism Thiviers

Thiviers is situated in the department of the department Dordogne and the region Aquitaine.

Sights in Thiviers

  • Castle of Banceil
  • Church The Roman Notre-Dame 

Tour to explore the Dordogne

  • Thème : Sites and museums
  • Départ : Bergerac
  • Durée : 6 jours

For 6 days, you will discover the Dordogne. You will see that the third French department, by its size, has many places of interest to visit. You can admire beautiful castles and beautiful villages.

Day 1 :The cloister of Cadouin Day 2 : Belvès Day 3 : Sarlat Day 4 : The cave of Lascaux

Discover Thiviers the capital of Foie Gras

Thiviers is located in the department of Dordogne and the region of Aquitaine. It is one of the five Gate cities to the Regional natural park of Perigord Limousin. 

visit-the-city-of-thiviers the-theulier-park visit-of-saint-jean-de-cole

Discover Sorges

Sorges is well known by the gourmets from around the world as the capital of the black truffle, the famous 'Tuber Melanosporum'. According to the connoisseurs, the truffle from Sorges has a flavour and fragrance that are beyond compare.

a-lively-village-in-provincial-france discover-the-old-mansions-and-houses guided-tour-around-the-truffle-discovery-paths

Discover the Lanouaille region

The region of Lanouaille is located to the north of the Dordogne in Green Perigord and has 9 towns and villages: Angoisse, Dussac, Lanouaille, Payzac, St-Cyr les Champagnes, Ct Sulpice d'Excideuil, Sarlande, Sarrazac, Savignac-Lédrier.  

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56 € From
le-saint-pierre saint-pierre-de-chignac

Le Saint Pierre

  • Saint-pierre-de-chignac
  • 05 53 02 15 60
75 € From
hebergements-insolites-du-moulin-de-la-jarousse lanouaille

Hébergements insolites du Moulin de la Jarousse

  • Lanouaille
  • 05 53 52 37 91
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Gites du Moulin de la Jarousse

  • Lanouaille
  • 05 53 52 37 91