Tourism - Nièvre

Nièvre is a French department that is part of the Burgundy region. It is surrounded by the departments of Yonne, Côte-d'Or, Saône-et-Loire, Allier, Cher and Loiret. The main cities are Nevers, Château-Chinon, Clamecy and Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire.

The tourism industry is essentially based on green tourism with accommodations in local’s houses. The countryside is spread throughout the department. Many tourists from northern Europe come to the Nievre for the mild weather, good food and the burgundy and Loire wines such as Pouilly Fumé.

Nevers is the capital of the dukes of Nevers, the Ducal Palace is magnificent and located right beside the cathedral in the heart of the historical city centre. The town of Château-Chinon is one of the capitals of Morvan. The Mount Beuvrayis is an ancient capital of Gaul located only few kilometres from Château-Chinon.

Regarding cultural events, there are a couple of festivals happening in summer time in Nievre, there is ‘the festival des mots’ in Charité-sur-Loire and the festival of Luzy ‘Ot Azoy’.

Top tourist cities in Nièvre


Tourism Nevers

In the center of France, on the way to Saint Jacques, Nevers is located in the department of Nievre and the region of Bourgogne, this Art and History’s city has a rich historical heritage. Also famous for its earthenware industry, 5 workshops propose you visits ...

Must : Musée archéologique de la porte du Croux, Musée municipal Frédéric-Blandin


Tourism Castle-chinon

Chateau-Chinon is the city of François Mitterrand who stayed 22 years mayor of the town before being elected President of the Republic.At the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan in the department of Nièvre. Sights in Château-Chinon ...

Must : Musée du Costume, Musée du Septennat de François Mitterrand


Tourism Clamecy

Clamecy is situated in the department of the Nièvre and the region Bourgogne. Clamecy is surrounded by water and known locally as the ‘town of beautiful reflections’. Wander the maze of narrow streets lined with beautiful old houses and buy delicious ...

Must : Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Romain Rolland


Tourism Cosne-Cours-sur-loire

Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire is situated in the department of the Nièvre and the region Bourgogne. Sights in Cosne-Cours-sur-loire Church Saint-Jacques old collegiate 15th century Church Saint-Aignan Museum of La Loire

Must : Musée de la Loire