Tourism Bergerac

Bergerac is a town located in the Dordogne in the Aquitaine region. It is crossed by one of the most beautiful rivers in France, the Dordogne itself.

Bergerac is a town where tourism is in the spotlight. There are many activities available: fishing, hiking, horseback riding, golf, there will be something for everyone.

The city lies in the Dordogne and offers its visitors to discover its vineyards, to walk in its markets and flea markets and resources is a stroll along its footpaths.

Visitors can admire the Rue Saint-Clar beautiful mud houses (straw and mortar). In the St James's architectural heritage is marked by the Renaissance style, with facades boss. A little further down the street fountains is of medieval houses. A detour instead Pélissière is mandatory in order to enjoy a superb view of the church of Saint-Jacques and a fountain.

Sights in Bergerac

Tour to explore the Dordogne

  • Thème : Sites and museums
  • Départ : Bergerac
  • Durée : 6 jours

For 6 days, you will discover the Dordogne. You will see that the third French department, by its size, has many places of interest to visit. You can admire beautiful castles and beautiful villages.

Day 1 :The cloister of Cadouin Day 2 : Belvès Day 3 : Sarlat Day 4 : The cave of Lascaux

Discover the Bergerac area

Country houses, medieval cities, castles, Romanesques churches, abbeys, picturesque villages. White, grey and ochre, the old stones of our land suggest an astonishing discovery of an exceptional heritage.

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Discover Bergerac and its surroundings

Bergerac combines pretty landscapes, the charm of the old city and the flavour of its local produce.

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Mussidan is located in the department of Dordogne and the Aquitaine region. Welcome to Mussidan.

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