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DepartureBERGERAC (24)

Country houses, medieval cities, castles, Romanesques churches, abbeys, picturesque villages. White, grey and ochre, the old stones of our land suggest an astonishing discovery of an exceptional heritage.

Discovery tour n°1

Take D34 direction remains Laforce Chateau des Ducs
Take D32 towards Le Fleix Cave Cooperative 
Continue to Saint Meard Gurson Church Hall 
Take Carsac de Gurson Church twelfth century Chateau de Gurson, Leisure Fishing, swimming 
Take D10 to Villefranche de Bastide Lonchat Old English 
Through to reach Montpeyroux Panorama Mountain Chateau Saint Michel de Montaigne, Tower Books and Montcaret Spa Villa and Gallo-Roman 
Back to Bergerac D936 through Velines gardens, Port Sainte Foy House Flower, Museum of inland water navigation, the Cave Cooperative D708

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Discovery circuit n°2

For D13 to reach the sixteenth Monbazillac Castle, Cave Cooperative, then D107 until Ribagnac, turn right towards the castle Bridoire Flaugeac continue until closed by the D15, join Sigoules Cave Cooperative, not far from Pomport Leisure , fishing, swimming.
Then take the direction of Sainte Chapelle Iinnocence Xth and continue until Fonroque then follow the D933 up Eymet Medieval Bastide. For the D18 through the pretty village of Sainte Eulalie Eymet and Puyguilhem reach seams. Just before stitching can take the D16 leading to the castle Monestier Golf Vigiers.
Join Saussignac seventeenth castle, the Towers Lenvège D4 continue until the D14, via the St. Lawrence and Ferierre Cave Coopérative des Vignes, Bergerac return.

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fasthotel-en-bergeracois montcaret

Fasthôtel (en.bergeracois)

  • Montcaret
  • 05 53 74 40 60

Circuit - discovery n°3

By D13 to get Monbazillac, through Labarde reach Colombier Romanesque church, Gothic portal.
D14 to take Issigeac medieval, House of Bishops, Church Gothic follow up Villereal Bastide walled hall.
For the D104 and D2, go to Monpazier bastide model classified the Most Beautiful Villages of France before coming to this country house, the Château de Biron twelfth and seventeenth centuries is worth a look (D53).
By D60 to get to Villefranche du Perigord Bastide, hall, museum, follow the D710 up Belves medieval town, the Most Beautiful Villages of France, museums. Continue until SIORAC museum castle.
For the D25 towards Le Buisson Cadouin Cistercian Abbey Cadouin twelfth - fifteenth s, the cloister of the sixteenth worth a look.
Take D29 to Lalinde Bastide and return the D660 to Bergerac.

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ternelia-le-domaine-de-la-finou lalinde

Ternelia le Domaine de la Finou

  • Lalinde
  • 04 50 66 65 17
camping-du-pont-de-vicq le-buisson-de-cadouin

Camping du Pont de Vicq

  • Le buisson-de-cadouin
  • 05 53 22 01 73
les-cabanes-du-tertre urval

Les cabanes du Tertre

  • Urval
  • 06 82 84 18 24
camping-les-nauves belves

Camping les Nauves

  • Belves
  • 05 53 29 12 64

Campsegret ramblers circuit


In Campsegret, at the church's door, walk North-West from one of the towers, follow the way up to the hill behind the village (the Eymérilles) to the road on the left.

Right, a path appears on the hill. On the top of the hill turn right and follow the forest path for 200m.

Cross the road RN21, go south for 100m, then turn left along a gravel footpath. After 1km, turn down right the DFCI fire-barrier footpath to «Donnes Lake». At the end of the path, follow the tarred road for 1km, pass a clearing, then take a white path on the left for 500m, turn right to Monregret, back through the woods, pass an ruined house, towards Les Mauroux and Bord de Labour.

Cross the RN21, turn right, then left and return to Campsegret via a tarred path running along the Beausoleil lake.

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camping-du-pont-de-vicq le-buisson-de-cadouin

Camping du Pont de Vicq

  • Le buisson-de-cadouin
  • 05 53 22 01 73

St-george de montclar hiking circuit


St Georges de Montclar, set in the heart of the Montclar woods, is a small medieval village, far off the beaten touristic circuits.

Surely one of the most charming village in Perigord. The damaged 11th century castle has known such illustrious guests as Rabelais, Montaigne and Brantôme. The first owner, Monsieur d'Estissac, inspired Rabelais in his novel for Gargantua's character.

A little further, in the valley, you will find the picturesque houses of St George's hamlet. A stream called the same name - which originally carved the valley - joins the River Caudeau. But a few words cannot convey the magic of this charming and legendary place nor describe the magnificent view awaiting the hardy walkers who attain the top of the rocks.

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