DepartureMUSSIDAN (24)

Mussidan is located in the department of Dordogne and the Aquitaine region. Welcome to Mussidan.

A trip on River Isle


A boat trip on River Isle, where you will discover a preserved wildlife as well as the castles, canals, mills and old churches. Free tours, once back on land. Located 3 km from Mussidan, this 3ha pond is open to anyone having a daily or yearly fishing license. the nearby streams have many trouts (Fario and rainbow).

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  •  The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of Périgord with a room dedicated to the prehistory in the Isle Valley
  •  The Ceramic workshops on guided tour around the oven rooms and the workshop store. 
  •  The Montreal Castle dating from Renaissance 1535 built on the remains of an ancient fortress surrounded by fortified walls. The tour allow visitors to discover the chapel, the fortified walls, various rooms and halls, the library and the undergrounds. The castle is listed as an historical monument and the gardens have won the title of 'remarkable gardens


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Rambles in the countryside


More than 150 km of marked footpaths are inviting you to discover the heritage and the outdoors. Maps are available at the Office of Tourism for 2.30 euros. Horse riding is also possible as well as 'Baby Poney' for children from 4 years old. A professional instructor will conduct these activities.

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