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Welcome to Monestiés

At 20 kilometres north of Albi, Monestiés instills calmness and tranquility, serenity, and a love of life and the greenery of nature.In 2001 Monestiés was classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France: it invites the visitor to wander around its picturesque alleyways full of traces of ...

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Welcome to Lavaur (Tarn)

Lavaur is held on left bank of Agout. It is located at the east-north-east of Toulouse, in the south of Gaillac and the west of Castrate. Its inhabitants are Vauréens and Vauréennes.

visit-the-cathedral-saint-alain-of-lavaur the-gardens-of-the-bishop-s-palace the-tower-of-the-rounds the-saint-francois-church


In the middle of the Country of Cocagne, Lautrec medieval city, accomodates you within the framework authenticates of a " More beautiful villages of France" and a " remarkable sites of the goût". Old Viscount, it is the cradle of the family Toulouse Lautrec whose painter ...

lautrec-medieval-city discovery-circuit-of-the-village-of-lautrec the-wind-mill-of-lautrec the-workshop-of-the-sabot-maker

Welcome to the Country of Dourgne

The tourist office of the Country of Dourgne [Tarn, the Midday-Pyrenees] invites you to expatriation at the bottom of the Black Mountain, in the Regional natural park of Haut-Languedoc. In a preserved environment find sports activities original, a gastronomy of soil and many tourist lodgings

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Welcome to Gaillac

Gaillac is a thousand-year-old city located between Toulouse, Albi and Montauban. It built its reputation on its vineyard which bears its name. The Tarn river borders the town of Gaillac by the south, east in west. Gaillac is located at 140 meters.

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Graulhet with the thousand facets

Graulhet, third city of the Tarn, 12982 inhabitants, owes its proud re-elected with two great passions: the first industrial one: the work of leather, the second sporting one: Rugby. In the middle of the department, at 30 minutes from Toulouse, Albi and of Castrate, the city enjoys to tell its ...

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Labruguière is located in the Western part of the Regional natural park of Haut-Languedoc, in the south of the commune of Castrate. In summer, the wind of Southerly wind is vector of heat and ensures a climatic softness.

discovering-labruguiere stroll-in-the-round-city the-saint-thyrs-church-and-his-clocher the-castle-of-cardaillac

Welcome to Lacaune les Bains

Lacaune-les-Bains is a small city in moderate-altitude mountains located in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park, in the Tarn department, Midi-Pyrénées region, in southwestern France

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Welcome to Lacaze

Located in the northern part of the Mounts of Lacaune, at about 20 kilometers of Lacaune, the city of Lacaze draws up the architecture of its roofs along banks of Gijou. Located in edge of secondary road 81, it offers the example of the picturesque villages which strew the department with the Tarn. ...

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Discover the valley of Ambialet

Located in the high valley of the Tarn, the site is the result of the whims of this river: one of its meanders, length 3 km, intertwines the schistous of the peninsula of Ambialet on which the borough thus joining together is built the higher courses and inferiors in an isthmus about thirty meters ...

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