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In the middle of the Country of Cocagne, Lautrec medieval city, accomodates you within the framework authenticates of a " More beautiful villages of France" and a " remarkable sites of the goût". Old Viscount, it is the cradle of the family Toulouse Lautrec whose painter poster artist is the famous one going down.

Rural territory it also owes its fame with the labellized production of the pink garlic of Lautrec whose celebration, first Friday of the month August, is an event impossible to circumvent in the calendar of the Lautrécoises festivities.

You will be able to also take part in the many demonstrations: "Breads and Saveurs" , "celebrates Garlic Rose" , "festivaout" , "vacuum-grenier" , "celebrates Artisanat" …

Lautrec, medieval city


Lautrec is classified among " the most beautiful villages of France " for its medieval site and its superb architectural heritage.

With fifteen kilometers of Castrate and Graulhet, and thirty kilometers of Albi, the medieval city of Lautrec is in the middle of the Tarnais department. Top of its rock piton, the Martyrdom of Salette offers a superb sight to us on the valley of Agoût, the Black Mountain and the Pyrenees.

The collegia of Saint Rémy, classified historic building of XIVth century, the door and the fortifications of Caussade, the half-timbered houses, the windmill, the markets of XVth, the underground silos, the wells… are a true book of the history placed at the disposal of your glance. Find these extraordinary places in the heading " Your visites" and " Gallery photos".

Marked by its past, Lautrec is turned towards l' future thanks to its economic dynamism.

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Discovery circuit of the village of Lautrec

  • The Door of Caussade (XIII rd century)

Vestiges of the fortifications and one of the eight strengthened doors which controlled the entries of Lautrec at the Middle Ages

  • Corbelling and half-timbered houses

Lautrécoises dwellings, Theatre of Caussade.

  • Place Centrale and Markets of XVth century

About 1338, a stone market sheltered a communal oven. There remains only the central well Splendid covers of wood sheltering the market The ground of this place was remade in 2002 (paving stones )

  • The Collegial Saint Rémy (XIVth, XVth and XVIth century).

Opened every day. Interior lately restored. This interior had been painted by Jacques Pauthe, raises of Paul Delaroche and honourable painter castrated, about the middle of last century. Furniture registered with the historic buildings: eagle, carved Lectern and tables of Gamelin in the chorus (1777). Organ of the Toulouse factor Puget lately restored

  • The Martyrdom of Salette (Altitude 328m)

Top of the Martyrdom, you can admire a side the village of Lautrec and the other the plain of Castrate with in the distance the Black Mountain. In clear weather, you can even see the Pyrenees. A table of the orientation makes it possible to locate the remarkable sites.

  • Romaine way

This way leads to the old laundrette: Built close to the source of Rémy Saint, in direction of the road of Roquecourbe, on the site where the constructions of the first inhabitants of Lautrec raised. Given in state first once under the impulse of the MJC, this old laundrette located at the bottom of the village belongs to the local inheritance. Victim of a natural disaster, it was restored recently by the care of the municipality of Lautrec.

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The wind mill of Lautrec


In 1830, nineteen windmills and with water produced flour on the commune of Lautrec, including nine with wind. In 1882, they were still 16. On the brook of Bagas 6 water mills remain.

Given in operating condition under the impulse of the tourist office, the mill of Lautrec is still able to make flour.

  • Mill of Salette

A mill was already on this site in 1396.

On the hills around the village, one could count until the six windmills.

The other windmills were also in the countryside lautrécoise (for example with " Combelasse").

There existed also several water mills in edge of the brook of the " Bagas"

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The workshop of the sabot-maker


The workshop of the sabot-maker contains the material intended for the manufacture of this shoe out of wooden which they say that it was invented by the Gallic ones.

This workshop, recreated with the identical, really existed until in the years 1960. It belonged to the last sabot-maker in activity in the village of Lautrec, Mr. Bonhoure.

At the beginning, one dug the shoes entirely with the hand, which made it possible to carry out until three pairs per day. The arrival of the electricity and the purchase of machines towards 1935 made it possible to multiply by ten the production.

So the largest part of work (shaping and digging of the shoe) is carried out by the machines. But the last gesture remains the prerogative of the sabot-maker who uses the flatter and the paring-knife to ensure a perfect completion.

In season, the sabot-maker visits himself freely (see the schedules near the tourist office).

In except season you can visit it on reservation (visit of group only) in Tourist office of Lautrec. In addition to the comments which will accompany your visit, you will be able to revive all the operations of manufacture of the shoe.

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