Graulhet with the thousand facets

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Graulhet, third city of the Tarn, 12982 inhabitants, owes its proud re-elected with two great passions: the first industrial one: the work of leather, the second sporting one: Rugby.
In the middle of the department, at 30 minutes from Toulouse, Albi and of Castrate, the city enjoys to tell its beautiful story with its visitors.

Graulhet, city of the characters


Come to discover how this small fortified town of XIst century, built around its feudal castle disappeared today, became the world capital of the skin.
Come to admire the Old Bridge of XIIIrd, the Fashionable country inn of the Lion d'Or, the medieval district of Panessac but also the St-Jean district on Right Bank of Dadou, with its old tawings, and the House of the Trades of Leather.

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Graulhet, alive and sporting City


Do not hesitate to practise your favorite sport: tennis, swimming, initiation with piloting, gliding, ULM, VTT, skate-board, bicycle touring, football, Rugby, fishing, game of bowls… in Graulhet, sporting city, the choice is large.

Come to stroll in the centre town, you will find there trade accessible, markets of outdoor and all the services for a stay without concern.

Share the pleasures of the excursion by enjoying the freshness of the Lakes Nabeillou and Miquelou, the beauty of the landscapes, the rural vaults of which the architecture is a great simplicity, expressed by the Romanesque art (ND of the Vines, ST Mémy, ST Pierre de Rozède) and of pigeon of style.

City of the good things in life, Graulhet likes to accomodate and have fun the festival.

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Graulhet, City of know-how and tradition


Open the door of the House of the Trades of Leather, to the 33 of the street St Jean.

Installed in an old tawing, it is attached to the development of the local inheritance, this noble and attractive material is leather.

Through a guided visit, an exposure on the trades of leather, you will discover the universe of the mégissier and the leather dealer.

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Graulhet, festive City


Very many demonstrations take place throughout the year, such as the Beer festival in February, the festival of Spring in May, the Historical Spectacle the last weekend of July, the festival of the Horse and the vacuum-attic third Sunday of September…

Graulhet ideally located in the middle of the Tarn at equal distance from Castrate and of Albi and at the doors of Toulouse a framework of life offers privileged to its inhabitants as the tourists.

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