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Welcome to the country of Lhuis and Izieu

The winter continues in the Country of Lhuis and Izieu and we can still benefit from the cold sculptures whose nature is avoided and of stroll through the snow-covered lanes of our ...

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Serrières de Briord is located in the department of Ain, in Low Bugey, between the southernmost borders of the solid mass of the Jura and the Rhone, at equal distance of Lyon and ...

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Route du Bugey

Between the Rhone River and the Ain and the Jura mountains, Bugey presents a variety of lush landscapes and generous

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The commune of Brégnier-Cordon is located at 20 km in the south of Belley, in the department of the Ain. It occupies the interior of the elbow which the Rhone draws and is thus at ...

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Trail "des bigues"

This theme trail through the land of stone, we can discover "derricks, Pali and chapita".


Saint Chef Abbey

The foundation of the Benedictine monastery : In the 6th century, Theudère, a member of a rich local family, found a small monastery in the quiet site of Saint-Chef ...

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La Balme-les-Grottes

Located at the extreme north of Isere, la Balme-les-Grottes is located at 45 km of Lyon or Borough-in-Bresse, and at 98 km from Grenoble.

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Tourism Lhuis


Lhuis is situated in the department Ain and the region rhône-alpes. It is administrative center of ...

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Festivals and events


Pré en bulles in pressins

from 08 to 11 July 2022

Les historiales in pressins

from 18 to 28 July 2022

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