Tours Cremieu


Crémieu, city medieval of Isere North in the middle of the Rhone-Alps area, welcomes you. Rich in its cultural heritage and history, Crémieu offers a voyage to you through time ...

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Saint Chef Abbey

The foundation of the Benedictine monastery : In the 6th century, Theudère, a member of a rich local family, found a small monastery in the quiet site of Saint-Chef ...

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Sport & relaxation time for a weekend

Located in the Lower Dauphiné, Villefontaine.

Trail "des bigues"

This theme trail through the land of stone, we can discover "derricks, Pali and chapita".



Bourgoin-Jallieu is a commune of the department of Isere, divided into two cantons (north and south) in the Rhone-Alpes area, in France. Its inhabitants are called Berjalliennes ...

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La Balme-les-Grottes

Located at the extreme north of Isere, la Balme-les-Grottes is located at 45 km of Lyon or Borough-in-Bresse, and at 98 km from Grenoble.

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Serrières de Briord is located in the department of Ain, in Low Bugey, between the southernmost borders of the solid mass of the Jura and the Rhone, at equal distance of Lyon and ...

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Visit Genas

At 20 km from the center of Lyon, Genas is a city-village, at the same time modern and traditional. It knew to benefit from the road infrastructures, airport and of the true ...

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