Curiosities in allier

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DepartureMONTLUCON (03)

The native place of the Bourbons, the territory of the Lords of La Palice, the Allier department has numerous castles, forteresses and mansions to discover.



Guided tour by bus of the different quarters of Montluçon:

  • Historical Montluçon: The Bourbons history, the historical city centre.
  • Industrial Montluçon: Saint Jacques quarter, Dunlop.
  • Cultural Montluçon: Athanor, the Guingois.
  • Natural Montluçon: Gardens and parcs.

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Montluçon and the Cher Valley


Guided tour of the castle of the Louviere that was built on the model of the Petit Trianon of Versailles to house a collection of paintings and arts. Lunch in Montluçon.

Guided tour of Néris-les-Bains: the old train station dating from 1930, the roman thermal baths, the Gallo-Roman Amphitheatre, the Merovingian necropolis, the Saint-Georges Romanesque church, the promenade of the Casino. Guided tour of the a honey factory in Commentry.

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Domaine des Grandes Côtes

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The orchard garden in Malicorne


About 15 km from Montluçon, the jardin-verger has a collection of fruit trees and rose bushes.

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The Tronçais forest


The Tronçais forest: guided tour of the Tronçais forest, the woods, the 'Forges' site in Tronçais, the Viljot Fountain. Lunch in a hostelery near the village of Hérisson

Departure to Herisson from the Val d'Aumance. Discover the small streets, the gate of Hell, the old houses and the vestiges of the Dukes of Bourbon fortress.

Montluçon: guided tour of the medieval city. You will discover the town houses of 'Rue de la Fontaine', the Saint Pierre Quarter and its church dating from the 12th century, the 'Passage du Doyenné'.

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From Neanderthal to La Palice


ChatelperronPrehistorama. Audio-guided tour of the Chatelperron sites, the 'Grottes des fées', the "castelperronien". Lunch in Jaligny-sur-Besbre.

Lapalisse: Guided tour by Jacques II de Chabannes one of the last member of the Chabannes. Discover 'Monsieur de La Palice' truth. 


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Chouvigny: Guided tour of the fortified castle dating from the 13th century looming over the Gorges de la Sioule. Lunch in Bellenaves.

Guided tour of the 'Maison de l'Autruche à Echassières' or the Ostrich farm. Unusual animal to see in the Allier department.

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Domaine des Grandes Côtes

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Charroux: Guided tour of the medieval village and its museum. Charroux is listed "one of the most beautiful villages of France". Lunch in Bellenaves.

Saint-Pourçain: Guided tour of the Saint-Pourçain vineyard, one of the oldest in France.

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