Château de Culan

Culan Castle is a medieval fortress located in the town of Culan, in the Cher and the Centre Region. It is classified a historical monument in 1926. The construction of this castle dates back to 1188, during the reign of Philippe Auguste. It is based on the location of an ancient castle which was made of wood. The remains of this ancient building are visible to the church of Culan. While approaching the castle, tourists discover a view of a large facade.

The towers are three in number a great example of military architecture of the 12th century. These are the only in Europe! In the courtyard, the remains left to imagine what was there before. The castle is still inhabited by its owners! Inside, visitors will discover the life of the Middle Ages through scenery reminiscent of the era: the room of Joan of Arc, Louis XI of the room, watch rooms, etc.. The view from the castle is beautiful. It seems to dominate the valley of the Arnon. Visitors will have no trouble understanding that this castle was impregnable by its location!

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