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DepartureCHATEAUROUX (36)

Châteauroux is a commune located in the Indre department in the Centre region.

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Things to see in Châteauroux:

  1.  The 'Château-Raoul'
  2.  The 'Musée du Compagnonnage' a museum
  3.  The 'musée Bertrand' a museum
  4.  The 'musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires' a museum
  5.  The Cordeliers convent
  6.  Saint-Martial church
  7.  Saint-André church
  8.  Notre-Dame church
  9.  Saint-Joseph church
  10.  Saint-Jacques parish centre
  11.  Saint-Thérèse church
  12.  Saint-Jean church
  13.  Saint-Christophe quarter
  14.  The 'Prairie Saint-Gildas'
  15.  'Équinoxe'
  16.  The Tarmac

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Hotel Bertrand museum


The visit of the Hotel Bertrand's collections is a discovery of the heritage, from archeology to contemporary art via Beaux-Arts or Decorative Art.

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The Valençay castle


Valencay is one of the most beautiful castle of the Val de Loire thanks to its French gardens, kitchen, furnished rooms, Renaissance style dungeon..

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Saint Gildas's meadow


This 25 ha park is a wet zone where a rich wildlife has developed. This water meadow is supplied by many canals and river Indre branches.

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Argentomagus's museum


This is one of the most beautiful archeological museum of France. A visit here is like an unforgetable time travel from prehistory to roman era.

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