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Déols is a commune located in the department of Indre in the Centre region.



Things to see :

  • Deols abbey
  • Saint Etienne church
  • The 'Porte de l'horloge" (the clock's gate)
  • The 'Porte du Pont-Perrin' (Pont-Perrin's gate)
  • The Eco-Park of Chenevieres
  • Marcel Bloch's factory
  • The Tarmac

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L’abbaye de Déols


The Deols abbey is an old abbay dating from the 10th september 917 by Ebbes le Noble, located in Deols in the Indre department near Châteauroux. It is dedicated to Saint Pierre, Paul and Notre-Dame.

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Discover the Ecopark of Chénevières


A 4km long walk over 21 ha of land in a natural reserve in the confluence of river Indre and river Ringoire. A vestige of the city walls is still visible.

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The footpaths


There are 74 km of rambling paths around Deols, 5 itineraries worth 6.8 to 23.8 km

Blue itinerary n°1: 6.8 km, departure from Brassioux's mall.

Blue itinerary n°2: 8.5 km, departure from the 'Centre Socio Culturel'

Yellow itinerary n°1: 14 km, departure from the 'Centre Socio Culturel'

Yellow itinerary n°2: 20.8 km, departure from the 'Centre Socio Culturel'

Green itinerary: 23.8 km, departure from the Centre Socio Culturel

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