Maison de George Sand

The Castle of Nohant was built during the 14th century, it housed the home of the famous writer Georges Sand (1804-1876) around 1820. It is an old mansion, which was acquired in 1793 by the grandmother of the novelist, Mrs. Dupin de Franceuil and bequeathed to her daughter in 1821. The writer liked Nohant and its people because it was a tremendous source of inspiration and most of her novels take place in the area. The House now houses a museum dedicated to the author and offers visitors a stroll through the charming and spacious park, you can also discover the living quarters inside the building, including the tiny boudoir where Georges Sand wrote her first literary essays. A theater built in 1849 completes the visit with its puppets sculpted by the son of the writer, Maurice. A nostalgic visit and a must for the fans of the author.

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