Château de Sarzay

Castle Sarzay was an imposing medieval fortress with 38 towers and 3 drawbridge. It is located in the town of Sarzay currently in the department of Indre. This small village of Berry acquired the title of City in 1300. The parish depended on the Archbishop of Bourges. The Lordship of Sarzay belonged to the family of Barbançois since the mid-fourteenth century. It is a family of knights whose son won fame in the battles of the Hundred Years War.

This family built the castle and retained possession until 1720, this manor was built in marquisate in 1651. Initially, it is a motte surrounded by a ditch and defended by an enclosure which is only one tower and chapel. In 1360, the lord of Sarzay, William of Barbançois, drove the English out of the city of La Chatre, before looting the city for its own account. Sarzay was at the limit of the kingdom of France, facing the Poitou, Limousin and Aquitaine, the British possessions. Around 1440, John Barbançois built a main building flanked by five towers, including one serving floors.

The towers are crowned with battlements. He restrained the English invasion. Left intact the Hundred Years War, the wars of religion, the Fronde of the Revolution. For the record, in 1538, in a judicial duel, Barbançois of Helion, aged 70 killed Francois de Saint-Julien, under the astonished eyes of Francis.

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