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Discover the cities in the Indre department.



The region of Eguzon is located in the Indre department between Berry and Limousin regions in the Creuse Valley near the Massif Central.

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Bélâbre is a commune located in the Indre department in the Centre region.

Things to see:

  •  The Castle of Bélâbre vestiges
  •  The lake: lifeguard patrolled in summer from the 1st of July to the 31st of August from 3pm to 7pm, no fees
  •  Rambling itinerary one of the most scenery walk in the Natural parc of the Brenne

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Discover the town of Vatan


Things to see in Vatan:

·     The 'Halle au blé'

·     The 'Musée du cirque'

·     The 'Grange aux dîmes'

·     The Saint-Laurian Collegial

·     The Town Hall

·     The 'Chesnaye'

·      The 'Chantrerie'

·     The 'Hotel de France'

·     The old train station

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Things to see:


  • Valencay castle
  • Talleyrand museum
  • Car museum in Valencay
  • The war memorial
  • Talleyrand's tomb


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Discover the town of Issoudun


Things to see in Issoudun:

  •  The 'Tour Blanche'
  •  The bell tower
  •  The Hospice Saint-Roch museum
  •  Many houses dating from the 15th century
  •  The castle of Frapesle
  •  Notre-Dame d'Yssoudun abbey

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les-roulottes-du-berry lignieres

Les Roulottes du Berry

  • Lignieres
  • 02 4 8 56 6 9 91

Le Blanc


Things to see in Le Blanc:

  • The Town Hall
  • The 'Maison de la Marquise'
  • The 'Quai Aubépin'
  • Saint Cyran church
  • The castle of Naillac
  • The 'Grande rue'
  • Brenne Ecomuseum
  • The 'Maison des amis du Blanc'
  • The 'Gué'
  • Saint-Génitour church
  • The Viaduct

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hotel-restaurant-relais-de-la-mothe yzeures-sur-creuse

Hôtel Restaurant Relais de la Mothe

  • Yzeures-sur-creuse
  • 02 47 91 49 00

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