Discovering france’s most beautiful villages

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DepartureBRETENOUX (46)

Discover the villages of Autoire, Loubressac & Carennac. You can also visit 3 other classified villages ans the castles of Montal, Castelnau & Estresses, the chasm of Padirac and Rocamadour within a 30Km radius.

Carennac-Loubressac-Autoire-Montal castle


Located on the banks of the Dordogne river, Carennac is a small, charming village whose white-stoned houses with sculpted windows regroup around a priory founded in the 11th century. You can find a small guide at the tourism office.

9Km away, you will find the medieval village of Loubressac.  On the way to the village, notice the magnificent view-point. Loubressac seems to hang from a vertiginous pic overlooking the Dordogne & Bave valleys. Several walking trails allowing the visitor to discover fountains and dolmens originate in Loubressac  and lead to the nearby "causse".

Located 2,5Km fromLoubressac,  Autoire is a village which is at least 8 century old, presenting a lot of character with narrow streets,  half-timbered houses around a fountain, ancient houses with corbels and turrets. From a view-point behind the church, one can admire the mill of Limargue and the circle of cliffs surrounding the village. A magnificent watefall is above the village.

5Km from Autoire lies the Castle of Montal,  jewel of the French Renaissance, with a unique sculpted decor. Erected between 1519 &1534 by Jeanne de Balsac, the castle is beautifully furnished and was restored at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Le Village de Thegra

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L'Echo du Malpas

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Le Mas de la Croux

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La Bourgnatelle

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Curemonte, Collonges-la-Rouge, Turenne


This day takes you to the Corrèze to visit the medieval villages of Curemonte,  Collonges-la-Rouge and Turenne.

Curemonte is a good witness to the past, providing a rich heritage: 3 castles, 3 churches several noble houses a market hall and quality rural houses, all of which had kept its authenticity.

As early as 844 Collonges-la-Rouge belonged to the viscount of Turenne  and benefited from precious tax exemptions and privileges which helped develop this rich village, filled with manor houses and small castles. Its stunning red colour comes from the composition of its stone (over 2% iron oxide).

The citadel of Turenne, capital of an ancient territory, sits on a promontory and has dominated the steep valley of the Tourmente since the 9th century. The remains of 3 surrounding walls protecting the castle can be seen today. Picturesque narrow streets snake around it.

Other places to visit

  • The Museum of the Neandertal Man, in Chapelle-aux-Saints, on the D15, 3 Km. before Curemonte.
  • Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, a medieval town famous for its abbey

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Hôtel les Sources

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Hôtel Régina & Restaurant

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Hôtel Sabrina

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Hôtel le Gergovia

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