Château de la Johannie

The castle is Johannie a French chateau located in the town of Curemonte in Corrèze, Limousin. This house was built feudal in 1083, up from 1308, the Commandery of the Order of Malta Women, established in Curemonte. Jean said Johannes in Latin, so "John Castle, " they are Curemonte from the thirteenth century. Hughes found the Johannie, heir of Curemonte in 1405.

Then the house goes to the Vassal in 1460 by the marriage of Marguerite with Johannes Peter de Vassal, then the Sieur Lebrun to Ambert and Plas (the lords were from Lostanges). In 1971, the house is restored. The castle Johannie, the two main buildings, the tower's spiral staircase and four chimneys located on both floors of both wings were registered historic building November 22, 1981.

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