Three days to discover the history of limousin

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Between 3 days on You propose to explore the history of Limousin.

Collonges and Tulles

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To begin your stay in Limousin, we propose to explore the village of Collonges. This town is ranked among the most beautiful villages in France. Among the major attractions, you can visit the Chapel of the Penitents, St. Peter's Church and the Museum of The Mustard Pope. You will discover the history of mustard in the region.

Then take the direction of Tulle. In "the city of seven hills", you can visit the Museum of the Cloister you will discover the history of Tulle. Tulle and region Lower Limousin. Please take a detour from the Notre Dame Cathedral, built from 1103 and the old town where you will see many wonders dating back to medieval times.

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To start this new day towards the pearl of Limousin Uzerche. To trace the history of the city, we recommend the proposed tourist office circuit, which is very detailed. You can explore the crype Corps Saints, the abbey of Saint-Pierre and relics of Merovingian castrum.

Then take the direction of the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of High Vézère. This museum traces the family and professional life of the ancestors Corréziens. All the time professions are represented. Please note the museum is only open in summer.

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The red city

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We start the day by Castle Chalucet (Saint-Jean-Ligoure). If you have a smartphone, you can download the Chalucet Adventure application. You'll travel to the heart of the history of the medieval fortress.

Then you will head towards Limoges. Some of the sights you'll see St. Stephen's Cathedral, the iconic station Benedictine. Then enter the Resistance Museum, which will tell the story of World War II in Limoges and the action of the local resistance that allowed self-liberation of the city.

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