Musée du Cloître

The Musée du Cloître de Tulle (or Musée Municipal d’Art et d’Histoire du Pays de Tulle), created in 1819, is a museum of art and history on two floors which houses varied collections that reflect the lives, passions, discoveries and history of tulle and the Bas-Limousin Region. It gathers testimonies of local archeology, art, ethnohistory and technics.

Located in the heart of the medieval city since 1904, the Musée du Cloître de Tulle occupies a large part of the ancient Abbey of Saint-Martin de Tulle (dating back the thirteenth century), ranked as “Monument Historique”, including the west wing and the cloister form the Musée Lapidaire with the Gothic chapter room in the east wing. With its collection of religious art, accordions, weapons, and paintings of the fourteenth century to contemporary times, the Musée du Cloître de Tulle is divided in 2 floors: the first dedicated to the ethnohistory of Tulle Region while the second presents various arts and crafts objets, ornamentation and worship.Paintings, sculpture and embroidery from medieval sacred art collection of the Middle Ages to the twentieth century alongside portraits, landscapes, furniture and ceramics.

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