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Discover the town of Auchy les Hesdin

Discover the town


The story of Auchy can be divided into 2 periods.

First it was founded in the year 673, when Adalscaire, Count of Hesdin, donated his daughter Sicchède this heritage to erect a monastery that was inhabited by nuns until the last 881.Elles abandon to the barbarians who destroyed everything in their passage.L Abbey was rebuilt in 1072 and inhabited by Benedictine monks, life was organized around the monastery, the village came into being gradually, with the first construction and agricultural and craft activities for name Auchy Moines.L The church has been rebuilt more solidly after having often suffered invasions and fires.

Then, from 1789 to today, the Village opened to industrialization and adopted the name of the Auchy Hesdin.En 1805 Men Say and Grivel had bought the buildings of the monastery in order to install a cotton factory, acquired in 1859 by Messrs. Wattine.

Its Abbey Church:

Burned several times (1537.1834), destroyed during the wars of 15th and 17th century, it has survived thanks to the excellence of its design, the resistance of its Gothic vaults.

The furniture is very rich oak paneling and carved early 18th century, some of the most beautiful in the region.The organ case is ranked 18th century.

The church has a statue of Saint Adrian of the 16th century and another of St. Wilgeforte.

Many characters had their burial beneath the flagstones of the church as Enguerrand Count, Count of Hesdin and Fougières Welsh, provost of the marshals in 1415 fell on the battlefield of Agincourt.

Its environment:

Auchy the Hesdin is known for his flowery environment that makes this town a charming village, where it is good cheerful vivre.Sa waterfall and Ternoise regale lovers of beautiful scenery and is the meeting place for fishermen.

Its voluntary nature reserve, just 100 meters from our hostel, you will discover the fauna and flora.

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Ternoise Valley, an extraordinary garden


Born in Saint Michel on Ternoise the Ternoise enters the Land of the 7 valleys north of the Auchy Hesdin to jump into the Canche west of Hesdin. It extends about 40 km.

Auchy Hesdin was formerly called the Auchy-les-Moines because of an abbey, founded in the eighth century by Saint Sylvain. The town is beautiful, colorful, engaging, and the sudden spurt Ternoise to show his power and escapes to Parcq, land of the "garden of delights" by Robert II of Artois.

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