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Guise is between the areas of Vermandois and Thiérache, halfway between the towns of Saint-Quentin and Vervins in the north of  Aisne.

Discover the city of Guise


The town of Guise, which the keep of its castle-extremely overhangs, is bathed by the Oise river, and profits from the channel of Sambre in Oise.
The town of Guise has a castle-extremely on its heights, vestige of the fortifications of the north of France of the time of the dukes of Own way. The fortress was very damaged during the First World War. Monument with the glory of Ve French Army, at the time of the battle of Guise (1914)
The town of Guise benefitted from the social experiment of Jean-Baptiste Andre Godin.
The industrial revolution of the XIX century allowed the establishment of the factories Godin of the appliances heating and the urban development until our days.
Guise is known for its phalanstery, Community place of life imagined at the XIX century by Charles Fourier: the phalanstery one. The city was the center of the battle of Guise in 1914, during the First World War.

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The castle of Guise


The castle of Guise is at the same time collegial and a castle extremely attested as of the X century which was the 1000 year old theatre of the military history. It testifies to all the evolution of the military architecture during this millenium.
Built on a rocky outcrop dominating the valley of Oise, it is located in Thiérache, in the department of Aisne, on the commune of Guise. After having saved destruction, the Club of the Old Manor ensures of it, since 1952, the restoration, the animation and the opening to the public. The keep made the object of a classification under the historic buildings since July 22, 1924.
The together castle made the object; a classification under the historic buildings since July 31, 2008. The strong castle of Guise is today property of the town of Guise which entrusted to the Club of the Old Manor. The Club of the Old Manor ensures of it the restoration, the maintenance, the opening to the public like l' animation. It is happy to accomodate you there:
* In visit, into individual or group, every day, from January 15 to December 15. The castle will reveal you the various stages of the keep, the bastions, the casemates of the artillery, two rooms of archaeological museum, undergrounds of countermine, large storerooms of the building of the 3000, the gallery known as “of leprous”…
* In teaching visit and workshops visits with topics, workshops structures, coat of mail, nature, leather, wool…
* In camp-building site as of 13 years
* At the time of the Great Hours of the Duke of Guise, animations with camping, medieval life, combat, tournament of knighthood, the first fortnight on August.

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The monuments in Guise


Come to discover the monuments in Guise:
* The phalanstery one, classified with the historic buildings since 1991: in this phalanstery, draws up a war memorial due to the scissors of the brothers Jan and Joel Martel.
* The castle-fort of Guise, classified as the Historic buildings since 1924.
* The church classified since 1927.
* War memorial: Surmounted by the statue of a woman with her child, it is set up in the small park with the angle of the street of Jeu de Paume and the boulevard Jean Jaurès.
* Rule of Camille Desmoulins.
* House located at 18 rue de la citadel, classified since 1998.
* The hotel Warnet, 113 place of the weapons classified since 2002.

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