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Discover through our tour Marle a small town of Laon.

Discover Marle


The traveller who approaches MARLE sees the bell-tower of the church.

Built at the beginning of the Gothic, it is the most imposing monument of the city. Its gate shelters celebrates it statue “the Virgin with Child” who, very rare fact, smiles both. At the interior, one finds there the tomb of the Lord of BOURNONVILLE, originating in MARLE, first lieutenant de Jean without Peur during War the one hundred year old.

Amateurs of vestiges, with leaving thechurch, will be able to borrow the lane of the castle and to lead on the old ramparts.

The castle is now private property but while following the ramparts, one arrives at the top of the Northern Tower Is and, a very broad sight extends on the valley of the Greenhouse and its slopes. (The park of the perhaps visited castle with the occasion of certain demonstrations: days of the inheritance for example).

Yoy could continue the walk by the Covered way which leads downtown but it is in bad condition and of this impracticable fact.

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Museum of Cruel Times


The museum, open from March 1st to October 31st from 14h to 19h, offers visitors to explore the Franks in the time of Clovis.

Discover the heart of the village frank reconstituted farm and Merovingian necropolis. Objects from the time of excavation Goudelancourt-lès-Pierrepont are also visible.

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The tower of Mutte


The city had along the ramparts, of the turns of guet which offered a point of the observation privileged on the surroundings.

Thus, they supposes, taking into account the visible panorama of the Tower of Mutte (which made the object; a restoration), that the latter was only intended for this function of guet and not for a defensive use good that it lays out  a loophole.

However, the fact of knowing if it were full or hollow would help to define its exact function, just as that of the others towers of the city.

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