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Saint-Quentin is a Picardy french city located on the Sum. Administratively, this french town, located in the area of Picardy, is the sub-prefecture of the department of l' Aisne and chief town of cantons. With the most important population of the department, it is the second most populated ...

discover-the-saint-quentinois an-excursion-into-nature-in-the-saint-quentin-area a-rich-and-varied-heritage-in-saint-quentin you-won-t-get-bored-in-saint-quentin

Visit the city of Marle

Discover through our tour Marle a small town of Laon.

discover-marle museum-of-cruel-times the-tower-of-mutte


Blérancourt is a borough located at the crossing of the secondary road D 934, between Noyon (in the North-West) and Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique  (in the East), with the secondary road D 6 driving in Soissons (in South-east).

discovering-the-castle-of-blerancourt-and-its-gardens the-churchs-of-blerancourt the-house-of-saint-just blerancourt


Braine is a commune of Aisne and a chief town of canton. Located on Vesle, tributary of left bank of Aisne, Braine is located at about fifteen kilometers in the east of Soissons.

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Château-Thierry city

The city owes its name in Thierry IV, last merovingien king, who was locked up there by Charles Martel, thus marking the advent of the Carolingian dynasty. Castle-Thierry is the birthplace of Jean of the Fountain and is located in the area of the battles of the Marne.

chateau-thierry-city-of-history-city-of-champagne the-museums-of-chateau-thierry hikes-in-town-centres the-abbays-and-monasteries


Chauny is a town of Picardy, department of Aisne. Its inhabitants are Chaunois and Chaunoises. Chauny is twinned with Andenne (Belgium) and Bergheim (Germany). Built on the edges of the Oise and the Channel of Saint-Quentin, the city still preserves its port today.

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Condé-en-Brie is located in the south of the department of Aisne and the Picardie area. Commune of the area of Omois made up of the cantons of the south of Aisne, Condé en Brie is the place chief of the canton which bears its name and is crossed by the tourist road of Champagne.

welcome-to-the-region-of-conde-en-brie discover-the-castle-of-conde the-monuments-in-conde-en-brie

Welcome to Fère-en-Tardenois

Fère-en-Tardenois is a commune of the department of Aisne, chief town of canton in the Picardy area, in France.

discover-fere-en-tardenois on-the-step-of-paul-and-camille-claudel vestiges-of-the-old-castle-of-fere-en-tardenois relaxation-and-leisures-in-fere-en-tardenois


Guignicourt is a village which is located at 20 km of Rheims, 25 km of Laon. Moreover Guignicourt is in direct connection with Paris (1h30 by A4 motorway) and Lille (2h00 by motorway A26 and A1) This is a peaceful small town profiting from all the local services, with the charms of a garden at the ...

discover-guignicourt the-saint-pierre-church-in-guignicourt the-walk-of-illerrieden the-edges-of-aisne


Guise is between the areas of Vermandois and Thiérache, halfway between the towns of Saint-Quentin and Vervins in the north of  Aisne.

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