Tours Laon

Discover the aisne department

Visit the aisne and discover its valleys, its old gallic cities and its architectural heritage.

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Each of the 5 aisne areas has its own identity, its own architecture and building style, its own gastronomy. the landscapes also vary from one "terroir" to the next but ...

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The hill-top medieval city of Laon

Submit to the majesty of the crowned hill and pay homage to this truly majestic city, with its wealth of historic buildings.

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Discover aisne

Indulge all 5 senses when you come to visit the aisne - the charming variety of its landscapes, the wonderful scents of its forests and gardens, the beauty and interest of its ...

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Vailly sur Aisne is a borough located on the Right Bank the Aisne at about 20km in the East of Soissons. The small town is boxed at the bottom of the southern slope of the plate of ...

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