Discover the aisne department

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DepartureLAON (02)
DetailsVisit the aisne and discover its valleys, its old gallic cities and its architectural heritage.

Discover Laon


Laon is a town of art and history.

Rich person of its history, of an architectural and book heritage considerable, Laon has all the assets to allure you. We invite you to come to admire the treasures of our medieval city.

To see: The Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Laon

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hotel-du-chemin-des-dames corbeny

Hôtel du Chemin des Dames

  • Corbeny
  • 03 23 23 95 70

Vic sur Aisne and its region


What to make to Vic on Aisne and its neighbourhoods

To visit:

  • The keep of Vic on Aisne (see photo)
  • Careers of Confrécourt (War 14/18)

To walk:

  • Rambles, VTT and car are proposed to you with the Tourist office.

To place itself:

  • With the camp-site of Berny-River
  • With the camp-site of Ressons-the-Length

To be restored:

  • At the restaurant "the Keep"
  • At the kebab
  • At the bars.

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hotel-saint-eloi noyon

Hôtel Saint Eloi

  • Noyon
  • 03 44 44 01 49

Discover Guise

miniature miniature

Its ground is made up mainly of argillaceous silt resting on a cretaceous substratum. The soil of the current city results from the annexation, in 1966, of the commune of Flavigny-the-Small which included/understood 300 inhabitants and of the Hamlet of Madagascar which belonged to the commune of Lesquielles-Saint-Germain.

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Welcome to Saint-Quentin


Only 1h30 of Paris, connected to the large cities of the north of France and Europe by an important network road, motorway, railway and river, the agglomeration of Saint-Quentin, located in the middle of the Paris-London-Brussels triangle, occupies a position of choice in the middle of the European metropolises.

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Discover Château-Thierry


In full Champagne vineyard, with the country of Jean of the Fountain, an area rich in asset as in becoming Bordered of vines and crowned forests, the valleys of the Marne and Surmelin are "a ground of serene humanity which saw being born the fables of the Fountain and the tables from Corot". It is on both sides of these valleys that the tourist tour of the road of Champagne is stretched.

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Discover Soissons


Its history starts on the plates dominating the valley of Aisne, site of the old Gallic city.

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Visit Fere-en-Tardenois


Established at the edge of Ourcq being born, Fère-in-Tardenois was an important station gauloisse and Gallo-Roman. Birthplace of Camille Claudel (8-12-1864) sculptrice, sister of Paul Claudel, poet and playwright born with Villeneuve-on-Fère on August 6, 1868. Fère-in-Tardenois is one of the principal centers of the territory of Tardenois which is located at the South of the department of Aisne, with the limits of the areas the Champagne-Ardennes, Island-of-France, Picardy. Access by the road - to 100 km of Paris by the motorway of the East A4 - to 50 km of Rheims, 22 km of Castle-Thierry and 25 km of Soissons. Access by the train at the beginning of Paris-Is via Rheims with a correspondence in Meaux. Lodging rural, Rooms of hosts, all trade. Communal park of relaxation and leisures of 110 ha - water level for fishing, the board with veil, the bathe (in July and August supervised) - equestrian paths pédestes, V.T.T and. - camp-site-caravanning - surface of picnic.

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